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We totally guarantee your satisfaction. You can be absolutely sure that an electric bike is the right choice for you because we’ll let you trial the bike for 7 days and if you don’t like it for any reason you can simply return it and we’ll refund your money, with no questions asked!

We deliver New Zealand wide. Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin.

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ElecGO Electric Bikes & Cars now in NZ

Need a bike where you can take breaks from cycling, and still get there in the same time?

ElecGO’s amazing folding e Bikes and our revolutionary eCars are now available in New Zealand. These remarkably efficient bikes give you the freedom to choose pedal power or shift to smooth, electrified power whenever you need it, and what’s more .. when you’re finished you can fold it up and just pop it in your boot. With our eCars you get a smooth acceleration and clean green power at  it’s best.

You can safely bike down inner city cycle lanes knowing you are being reliably empowered by ElecGO’s state-of-the-art technology when required, or cycle off down a winding bike trail using pedal power only.

Out in the country you can soak up the views as you glide along and then handle the hills without any sweat on our hyper-efficient electric cycles. And if you really want some aerobic exercise you can just throttle down and cycle away to your heart’s content.

There’s no doubt that Electric Power is the cheapest most natural form of fuel on the market today but it is also the most eco-friendly alternative as well. Step into the future. If you need a new bike or you need a new car be sure to think of the electric alternatives with ElecGO

All-in-all, ElecGO bikes and cars are the most cost efficient, eco-friendly, fun mode of transport available on the New Zealand market.

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Why an ElecGo Electric Bike?

  • Easy Bike Storage
  • Bike with less sweat
  • Biking keeps you fit
  • Electrically powered
  • Better Batteries
  • No Parking Problems
  • Fast Inner City Travel

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Ultra-Compact Convenience

If you’re looking for an electric bike that easy to store you’ve come to the right place. Our electric bikes take it one step further with our ultra-compact folding design that provides all the advantages and joys of cycling without the storage problems of having a moped. Find out more..

eCars – The transport of the future

Energy efficiency and carbon footprints all point to the future of clean green transportation. For fast, accessible electric power you can’t go much further that our state-of-the-art electric cars powered by our long life Li-On rechargeable batteries. Our electrical engineering is second to none and you can be sure that ElecGO stands behind every eCar we sell. Best of all, you do your bit for the planet when it comes to maintaining fresh pure air in our cities in the long term.choose electric transport.

Make the correct decision, choose electronic transport. See our ElecGO eCar prices before you buy a fossil fuel alternative.

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